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Commercially Cleaning Medford, OR Businesses

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Medford, Oregon and the surrounding Rogue Valley cities, have a variety of events throughout the year that hosts visitors from all around.  We host events like the Shakespeare Festival, year round Wine Tasting, the Jackson County Fair, the Pear blossom Parade and much more.
​A place of business constantly needs to put their best foot forward, especially with cleanliness. 

Clean Floorstile and upholstery, are one of the first things the public notices as they enter. Whatever company you own, if you are open daily to the public, having a clean establishment will not only make your business shine, but will also help eliminate odors and keep those observant eyes not noticing the stains. 

A good impression means returning customers.  More importantly, having your place of business commercially cleaned will keep your flooring lasting longer, which can keep repair and replacement costs to a minimum. 
High traffic areas are always subject to tough stains and grime.  The build up of this can also tend to lend nose to odor. 

We at Carpet Cleaner MFD get down to business when it comes to getting the deepest dirt, grime and stains out.  We take the challenge and conquer, with our top of the line equipment, professional cleaning solutions and our highly professional Cleaning Technicians.

Your flooring whether carpet or tile, will be left looking new and smelling fresh for your public to admire. 

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Commercial Cleaning Increases A Customer's Overall Experience

Commercial Cleaning Services:

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Our carpet cleaning system will get down deep into the pile to extract the unwanted debris and grime. 
  • Commercial Stain Removal:  Get rid of those visible and difficult stains with our hi – tech stain removal methods.  We assess the stains and extract them so they won’t appear or reappear.
  • Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning:  We can those surfaces looking new again with a process that is strong and safe for you and your customers.  
  • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning:  Make your business furniture stand out in cleanliness with our deep upholstery cleaning. Your furniture will look like new which is what customers want to see.

Types of Businesses We Service:

  • Hotel: Your business is based off constant and regular bookings.  Your customers that come to stay at your hotel expect a clean entrance; clean sleeping quarters and a clean exit.  As your customers enter your establishment, greet them with a clean and fresh appearance from the ceiling to the floor.  Their eyes observe everything, but we know the floor catches everything: stains, grime, dirt and spills just to name a few of the unsightly.  Keeping your flooring, area rugs and the furniture upholstery on a regularly scheduled cleaning, by a cleaning company such as Carpet Cleaning MFD, you can guarantee satisfied customers, and a longer lifespan from your interiors.


  • Restaurant:  The hustle and bustle of restaurant life can be exciting but also a chore.  With the constant flow of customers, your establishment takes a beating.  With serving various tables and various ages of your customers, there is bound to be spills on upholstery and flooring alike.  To maintain the life of your interiors, entrusting a Cleaning service such, Carpet Cleaning MFD to regularly maintain your flooring and upholstery will not only keep your restaurant looking clean for the customers’ eye, but also extend the life of your interiors. 


  • Office Building:  Though there is a waiting room and office seating for your clients, having your furniture and flooring looking pristine, clean and smelling fresh will make your clients feel that they are of importance to your business.  If you offer condiments while your clients wait, there will be a guarantee that there will be spills.  With the constant appointments that take place throughout the day, the high traffic areas will be obtain those tough stains from the outside.  Carpet Cleaning MFD uses our step by step process to assure stubborn stain removal and fresh and clean looking furniture and flooring.