Medford, Oregon New Home Carpet Cleaning Services

ATTENTION! Rogue Valley Homeowners!

Congratulations! on your New Home. ​Start Fresh with Clean Carpets and Floors.

New Home Cleaning

Before moving in, consider cleaning more than the surface area of the floors that you and your family will be in contact with on a daily basis.

​Deep cleaning your carpets and tile is the best way to make sure that bare feet and little hands will enjoy floor time, free from any leftover debris from previous homeowners and pets.
See a stain or spot that you didn’t see before?  A lot can be hidden with furniture and decor items during home staging. Instead of you, let us put our elbows to work getting your flooring in that move in ready pristine condition.  Getting a deep cleaning on your flooring, can be like dotting your “I’s” and crossing your “T’s” one last time before move in. 

Carpet Cleaning Quote

What has been in contact with your future floors?

  • Pets- urine, dander, hair, vomit etc.
  • Food- anything that can cause odors to develop
  • Bare feet- dead skin etc.
  • Shoes used outside of the home – what have you seen when taking a walk?
  • Construction debris- dust, dirt, paint etc.