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The Rogue Valley is a beautiful place.  On those cold winter mornings, having clean, fresh and cozy carpet to rest your feet on, gives those winter mornings something to look forward too. 

Having a “like new” carpet in one’s home adds comfort and enjoyment in any room.  Whether in a high traffic areas or a formal space, keeping the luster and life in your carpet takes maintenance. 

Yet, to extend its lifespan takes an experienced carpet cleaning company. 

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"Dirty Floors is our Game. Making them Clean is our Aim."​

Here are the list of the following Oregon cities we specialize in.  If your city is not listed here, please give us a call to inquire of our boundaries.  We will travel if you give us a dirty floor we just can’t refuse:

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​​Certified MD of Carpet Cleaning Magic.  Having a company that is highly skilled and prides themselves as your rug doctor, can have a great impact on keeping your carpet fresh and clean for years to come. We can help extend the life of your flooring and keep you from incurring unneeded expensive replacement costs. Here are some tips to look for in a carpet cleaning company, which Carpet Cleaner MFD will extend to you:

  • ​​Great Customer Interaction:  Customer interaction can build trust or it can turn away a customer.  At Carpet Cleaner MFD our staff will ensure ALL of our customers receive Outstanding Customer Service and Quality Care.
  • Experienced Technicians:  Our Technicians at Carpet Cleaner MFD are experienced, trained and knowledgeable about the various flooring products that are common in homes.  They will be able to explain the necessary treatment that is needed in order for your flooring to look clean, odor free and refreshed.
  • Quality Work:  Having properly working and clean equipment is important and actually is acting on a matter of safety for our customer’s benefit.  Also, staff that is knowledgeable of the type of cleaning products they use would put you as the customer at ease and can give you confidence that the company has your safety and best interest at heart.  At Carpet Cleaner MFD our Staff and Technicians are knowledgeable of the equipment we use and also the right cleaning solutions for each task.  Explanations can be given about the step-by-step process that is used to ensure proper cleaning and odor removal.  You as the customer can be assured of quality work and considerate care taken in your home and not just on your flooring but on all your valued and treasured property. We have families and treasured possessions as well so we understand how important they are to you.
  • Stress Free Service:  Getting your carpets and floors cleaned does not have to be a stressful event.  Having a company that makes the experience as free of a stress as possible by being considerate to the homes needs and being efficient to the family’s needs is a company worth using and referring.  We at Carpet Cleaner MFD offer the consideration every homeowner needs.  Whether it’s a same day service or regularly scheduled service, we want to make this experience as less of a stress as possible.   

Our step-by-step process will guarantee that your carpets will be clean, fresh and vibrant again.  Here is what you as the customer can look forward to receiving from our staff:

  • FREE Estimate and Consultation:  We come to your home and assess your carpet.  If there are stains or stubborn grime, will take note so that we can take the necessary measures in getting rid of those problem areas.

  • Remove Pet Stains and Urine:  We want your area smelling fresh again and having lingering pet odors or urine odors does not allow you to feel that your room is fresh and clean as you intended it to be.  So our technicians will give special attention to those problem areas and treat them so that your carpet can have that fresh feel and odor free state once again.
  • Stains:  Unwanted stains come from various sources and can be difficult to remove: wine, blood, urine, water, dirt, clay, tea, food etc. Some stains are easily removed.  Tough stains on the other hand need to be specially treated.  With the professional cleaning solutions we use to treat these stubborn stains, we want to guarantee that they are removed and are not visible and are free of unpleasant odors.

Carpet Cleaner MFD will offer all of these pointers and much more because we pride ourselves in our work. Our Experienced Staff including the Owner the Customer Service Staff and our Technicians want to give you the Best Service so that you will tell others about us.  We aim to take care of our customers and look for their satisfaction and happiness.

Treat various tough grime, stains and daily debris that your carpet, tile and upholstery needs to be free of:

  • Grime:  Anything from the day-to-day grime that comes from the outside is no triumph for Carpet Cleaner MFD.  We assess the grime with a treatment from our professional products.  Then with our cleaning process and equipment, clean and restore. 

  • Stains:  With the various methods of creating a stain, Carpet Cleaner MFD has various methods of getting rid of stains.  We single out those tough stains assess, and remove.  Your flooring and upholstery will look brand new with our efficient methods.

  • Odors:  Depending on the type of high traffic area, odors can become apparent which is not good for home or business.  Getting rid of tough odors takes a professional process that doesn’t include perfumes or unhealthy chemicals.  Assessing and treating the problem areas before cleaning, will target the sources and allow us to clean your flooring properly and efficiently, to not only our satisfaction but also more importantly your satisfaction.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Process:

  • Extraction:  Our extraction method gets down deep in the porous or fibrous materials, so that root of the statin is targeted. Cleaning just the surface has no benefit for your flooring.  It actually doesn’t solve the problem at all, yet makes it possible for future aggravation. The stain could reappear during the drying process, or remain slightly below the surface, leaving a sense of a faint appearance.
  • Solution:  Our top grade professional cleaning solutions, are used to loosen the remnants of the stain, so that particles can be removed.  Some stains remove fairly easily.  Others seem to need a bit of encouragement.  Also, be aware different climates, such as the Rogue Valley can have an effect on the stain and it’s ability to remain in your carpet. 
  • Water Extraction:  High liquid content doesn’t always ensure stain removal.  A professional cleaning and stain removal will no leave excess water.  Excess water can cause mold to develop, which can cause an unsafe living environment for you and your family.
  • Pre- Cleaning: Pre- treatment methods and stain removal methods are the beginning stages of the cleaning service.  This type of treatment allows time for the added solutions to take affect and make stain, odor and soiled areas to be removed safely and efficiently.
  • Cleaning:  This is the overall cleaning that not only gets down deep into the hidden fibers, but also cleans the surface as well.  With the use of water dirt, grime, odor, soot and stains are completely removed for fresh looking upholstery.
  • Drying:  Our knowledgeable Technicians will explain the dry time before use.  This will allow your upholstery to rest and to restore properly.​
Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaner MFD offers Emergency Cleaning Service if you find that you are in need of one.  If you are in need of emergency flooring or upholstery cleaning, just give us a call at the number above, so that we can quickly assist you.