Fire Damage Cleaning Services

"Someone Call 911! You have a Flooring Emergency!"

Fire Damage

We are the Flooring ER. ​Saving what was not lost in your recent fire is a daunting task.  As you have collected what could be saved and have stored them, there is still the assessment of your items that are permanently affixed to your home, like your flooring. 

Smoke damage and water damage can be chore to clean up, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment to do so.
We have the experience and know how to extract the debris, smoke damage and particles from your flooring and clean so that your carpet and tile is clean, fresh and ready for use. 

We keep to the golden rule and get hi- tech with our carpet cleaning process. You get a five star carpet cleaning service with us:

  • Extraction: The extraction process is very important. Our advanced cleaning equipment will get out of unwanted residue, smell and discoloration in your flooring.  You need to get to the root of any flooring that is porous and susceptible to potential stain mildew and mold.  Attacking from the root to the surface of the fiber will not only get your flooring cleaner, but also will make your flooring safer.


  • Cleaning: Cleaning is the next phase of our process.  Cleaning not only gets down deep, but also extracts what is left.  Cleaning the fibers or surface will extend life of your flooring and enhance the beauty it once displayed.  Fire damage can wreak havoc. Using a deep cleaning method like we use will make your rooms furniture and floors clean will be clean as a whistle.


  • Water Extraction: We are the carpet cleaning service master when it comes too lingering water from the fire control or from broken pipes. Water fights fires, and that can leave a mess and soaked walls, carpet and tile.  This residue water not only is damaging to your flooring,  it also is damaging because that water carries the residue from the fire:


  • Smoke Residue
  • Fire Residue
  • Soot
  • Oil
  • Debris Residue
  • Bacteria
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Just to name a few things…
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Our extraction process will take the lead in getting rid of excess water along with the residue that travel to the depths of your flooring as well. This water can be acidic or alkaline from the contaminants from the fire and cause a lot more damage if not addressed quickly. Having a professional cleaning company properly perform an extraction method will make sure that it is done so there isn’t any room for mold and mildew to grow and cause an unsafe environment. Better yet, your flooring is left clean, fresh and looking brand new.
We know that we will be successful in treating your flooring so that you can begin the process of living life again in your home.  Replacing your flooring is not always necessary if you have professionals who are knowledgeable and know what to look for in reviving your floors.  Having these type of professionals can save you unnecessary costs.