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How to Clean your Carpets and Floors after a Renovation and Construction Project?

Construction Cleaning

Construction debris can add a build up of caked on dirt and debris that is difficult to get out of flooring.  After the job is done and you want to enjoy your project instead of clean up.  Carpet Cleaner MFD has the expertise to get the carpet fibers and tile sparkling with the different cleaning systems we use.  Our motto is too get down deep and clean your floors carpet and tile alike, so that there is no grime, dirt, dust, allergens or stains from all the construction madness and mess.  We can isolate and assess areas of your flooring that are troublesome and leave your flooring looking brand new, fresh and ready to be lived on.

Flooring can be the bulk of the cost in complete remodels or renovations.  Protecting your flooring during a remodel or renovation can save you a bundle.  Yes it is understandable that some flooring has had exhausted its life and needs to be replaced.  Yet, there are certain types of flooring, that if you give it just the right TLC, it will last with its good quality for years to come.  Counting on getting the right Carpet Tile and Cleaning service will allow you to have your flooring looking brand new and fresh.
Cleaning your flooring after any construction job can also extend the life of your flooring.  Having a reputable carpet and tile cleaning service deep clean, will not only make your flooring look as if brand new, but also will get the dirt and stains that can cause odor and lingering air particles, that you don’t really want around.

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When to Hire a Carpet and Tile Cleaning Service:

  • Home Remodels
  • Home DIY Projects
  • Office Renovation
  • Office Remodel
  • Restaurant Renovation
  • Restaurant Remodel
  • Hotel Renovation
  • Hotel Remodel

Getting your carpets cleaned from the construction dirt and grime can rid  your home of the pollutants and allergens that may have collected throughout the work process.  Also, cleaning your carpets can freshen your flooring so that every step you take on your plush walking surface can be a comforting one.  Fresh and clean is what Carpet Cleaner MFD is all about.  
Getting your Tile cleaned will enhance its appearance and refresh its entry appeal.  Also, this is a great way to get down deep and get the construction grit out and out.  That way your tile looks fresh, clean and sparkling. 

​Whether your home is a small job or a large one, our cleaning staff and technicians can tackle and conquer to have your home, office, restaurant hotel etc. looking complete and smelling fresh and clean for use.   We are experienced, efficient and professional in what we do and you can’t beat the prices. Making sure the job is done right and to the highest satisfaction is the key to our repeat business.  We expect high quality from ourselves and our staff because our customers are deserving of it.