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Carpets are no longer the standard when it comes to flooring. It can cost a pretty penny depending on what you decide to choose with regards to what is available.  Carpet flooring has come a long way. 

The sustainable life based on better quality and engineering of the fibers and construction processes, allow owners residential and commercial alike, to enjoy their carpets for longer periods of time.

With the variety of company selections you have for a carpet cleaning service, choosing one you can trust your flooring investment too, must be knowledgeable and experienced. 

Whether it is a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning or you’re in need of immediate attention, our carpet cleaning company can get the job done with prompt efficiency and consideration.  We take pride in our work and want our customers to see that as well.   

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Your choice in the fiber and yarn of your carpet will influence your commitment to the lifespan of your floor.  The durability and appearance of your carpet is based your choice of course.  Whatever the space you are choosing, consider the material of your carpet, so that you get the most out of it.  Here are some carpet fiber and pile definitions below:

  • Polypropylene: An inexpensively produced carpet.  There are fewer selections of colors because this type of fiber is difficult to dye.  Usually used in constructing Berber carpets, this material for carpet is a fine choice for lightly used areas. 
  • Polyester: A competitive blend of fiber that has become popular in recent years due to its durability and stain resistant resilience. Though it tends to mat or crush down easily, this carpet attracts buyers for the reason that It works well in traffic areas and us in the mid to low price end
  • Nylon: A common fiber used in carpet construction. This type of carpet has amazing wear capabilities and is stain resistant.  Nylon is constructed in two levels, nylon 6 and nylon 6 – 6.
  • Wool: A natural material with all the warmth that comes from that. It tends to hold moisture and may not be the best material for high humidity locations.
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Carpet is a textile that comes in various fibers, piles, patterns and colors. Carpet production is conducted in different ways such as: 

  •  ​Woven: Produced on a loom machine weaving process that wraps the threads are interwoven with tension. Examples would be a plush or Berber carpet.
  • Needle Felt: Using individual fibers and barbed needles, the fibers intermingle and form a very durable carpet. These types of carpet flooring are found normally in a commercial atmosphere such as a hotels and restaurants that will sustain high traffic.
  • Tufted: This type of carpet, pile is injected into a backing material.  It is also is bonded for stability. This kind of carpet is found commonly in a home such as a single family home, apartment or townhome.
  • Knotted: Using a cut loop, this technique creates a shag carpet or a nap carpet. Knotted by hand this type of carpet is common in oriental rugs and Kashmir carpets.